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about London Olympic Stadium

The London Olympic Stadium will host the biggest sporting events in the world this year - the 2012 Summer Olympics, as well as 2012 Summer Paralympics and the athletics from 27 July to 12 August 2012. The stadium is located at Marshgate Lane in Stratford in the city's Lower Lea Valley and is surrounded by waterways on three sides. The waterways give the effect of an island stadium and there will be a minimum of five bridges leading over to the London Olympic Stadium.

The stadium design was launched on 7 November 2007 and its construction took four years. It was designed by American firm Populous - an architectural firm specializing in the design of sports facilities and convention centres, also planning of major special events.

It has at least 700 rooms and the designers have taken care of everything including the religious practices of the athletes and other staff members.

Refreshments would be available just outside the Olympic Stadium.

The stadium will be fitted with 80,000 seats, which has two tiers; the lower one is permanent and can accommodate 25,000 people, whereas the upper extended section is made up of lightweight steel and concrete and can house further 55,000 sports fans, which will be dismantled after the games.

The London 2012 Olympic Stadium is the most ambitious and iconic project of the Olympic Games organizers and it will definitely remain the pride of London city.